Where to Recharge Your Prepaid Mobile

I am often asked by people where they can they go to recharge their prepaid mobile plan? My instant reaction is to say go to the telecommunication provider’s website. Seems obvious? However the web is not the preferred way for most people when it comes to recharging their prepaid mobile? Think about it a little more and it is actually very obvious.

Many people use prepaid as their mobile offer so they can control how much they spend on their phone. Many have had issues managing the large costs associated with contract plans. Going prepaid means they can use cash to buy a recharge, no credit cards and no contracts altogether means no worries.

To understand what people where doing a little more, I ran a poll for a few weeks in order to understand what was happening locally here in Australia. I would assume that the results would be similar internationally. These are the results:

How do you usually recharge your prepaid mobile plan?


  • Retail store 37% (37)
  • Via your mobile phone 32% (32)
  • Your Telco’s website 22% (22)
  • Other recharge website 3% (3)
  • Other 6% (6)


Going to a retail store to complete your recharge was  recargas telcel  by far the most popular option with 37%. As mentioned earlier, this is actually an obvious choice for many. What also makes retail so convenient is that almost every store gives you the option to buy a recharge through them. In fact many stores have their windows and walls plastered with prepaid mobile posters. It must be a great attraction tool for them, as well as an easy source of revenue.

Second was recharging directly from your mobile phone with 32%. For most of the month that the poll was being run, this option was sitting neck and neck with recharging online but in the last few weeks took off and achieved over 30%. I do wonder whether people understand the difference between buying a recharge over the counter and actually completing the recharging via their phone. However if you dig a little deeper many telecommunication providers actually offer a mobile communication through which you can recharge as well as manage your account.

In third position we have recharging via your Telecommunication providers website”with just 22%. This option I thought would end a lot higher. This and buying a recharge over the counter have been my own personal experience. I will admit that it wasn’t that simple to complete. I can see why some people would want to avoid it. If you don’t have a credit card or a PayPal account it can be tricky.

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